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Welcome to Oceanside Athletics. Our program is designed as a continuation of the classroom, with a focus on growth and development. Our student-athletes will have the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, and socially, gaining the skills and knowledge to succeed on the playing surface, in the classroom, and in life.


Program Objectives:

  • Creating a culture of mutual respect, trust, and purpose will be the driving force that allows our students to maximize their potential and generate sustained success. Our program will:

  • Focus on character development and citizenship

  • Cultivate academic and athletic achievement through the development of attitudes and values that motivate students to pursue excellence.

  • Provide an enjoyable environment that promotes growth, celebrating success and teamwork.

  • Demonstrate world-class sportsmanship at all times, in all situations.

  • Inspire all participants to be the best versions of themselves.

  • Maintain a safe environment for all.

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Participation Requirements:  Students interested in trying out for a team must complete the required paperwork and submit the documents to the coach before the season begins. No child can participate without the completed documents on file.

Policies & Regulations

Participant Handbook
Concussion Management Policy
Anti-Hazing Policy
Gr. 9-12 Eligibility Policy

Coaches Information

Sports Schedule
Contact Coaches
College Athletic Advisement
Coaches Form

Sports In The News

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